Burden of Psoriatic Disease - Preliminary Report

Given that the impacts of psoriatic disease are multi-faceted, it is of interest to examine the burden of PsD in various domains in the Canadian context, specifically: burden of PsD on individuals, on society, on families, and on healthcare systems.

As part of Phase 3 of Working It Out, a three year campaign focused on supporting people with PsD in the workplace, this preliminary report summarizes the dominant themes that emerged in the literature related to two domains – the burden of PsD on individuals and on society:

  • Differential Experiences of Health-Related Quality of Life  
  • Patient-Reported Quality of Life, Health, and Functionality
  • Comorbidities
  • Special Areas  
  • Work Productivity  
  • Economic Burdens

Findings from grey literature are also summarized to provide additional insights and context to the literature. A full review, which will include themes related to the burden of PsD on families and on healthcare systems, is currently underway.

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