Accessing paid sick leave and job protection?

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You may need to take time off from work to go to medical appointments, manage flares or care for yourself. There are different employment standards in each province and territory or under federal employment laws that are the minimum requirements by law. Your employer cannot offer less than these minimum requirements. Employers can offer more than the minimum requirements so be sure to check your employment contract, employer policy or collective agreement for more information.

  • There are short-term and long-term sickness and illness leaves of absence in each province and territory or under federal employment laws. These leaves of absence usually protect your job or allow you to return to a similar job when the leave of absence is complete. These leaves of absence may be paid in some cases and unpaid in other situations. You may need to provide a medical note to your employer to access these leaves of absence.
  • Learn more about the minimum short and long-term leave of absence by accessing “Know your Employment Rights” developed by the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance.