Finding acceptance and understanding at work?


Many people with psoriatic disease have said that a supportive, accepting, and understand- ing work environment is necessary for workplace success. A good relationship with your supervisor and colleagues can help you navigate workplace accommodation, if, when and how to share any limitations or restrictions, and to feel supported at work.

  • Employment Works offers in person or virtual pre-employment readiness training focused on careers exploration and soft skills development. There is access to LinkedIn Learning courses and videos and other
  • A Workplace Disclosure Decision Guide may be helpful if you are working or considering applying for a job and you are unsure if you should tell people in your workplace about your health status. This decision guide will give you information about episodic disabil- ity disclosure in the workplace and your rights and responsibilities. Disclosure is not a one-time decision, and you can share small bits of information over time and assess the reaction of your supervisor and/or
  • There is also a list of questions to consider as you make decisions about workplace dis- closure in “Know your Employment Rights” developed by the Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA).

Through your interactions at work, you may find allies or people that seem to better understand what it’s like to live with a chronic condition or disability. Supportive allies can help provide support when making decisions around disclosure and when you experi- ence health and/or workplace challenges.